We are an Australian made and owned business with our products made right here in beautiful sunny Perth since 2017. Our vision is to create sustainable, eco friendly products focusing mainly on reusable bamboo straws and natural organic skincare made fresh in small batches. All 100% vegan, with no hidden nasties and only tested on friends and family 🙂

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Our Mission

Who are we?

My name is Olivia and I am an eco warrior from Perth, Western Australia. I’ve always had a love for animals and the environment, so it was only natural that I would start a business that would help protect both!

After volunteering to care for rescued sea turtles in Indonesia in May 2017, I was shocked to see the amount of turtles affected by pollution. Some had tumours, others had eaten plastic bags they had mistaken for jellyfish. This inspired me to educate people and help others say no to single use plastics and reduce their waste. And so, The Plastic-Free Movement was born! Join me in trying to reduce, refuse, reuse and recycle for a greener future for us and the planet!

I run this business from Australia with the help of my husband and an amazing team in Bali. We plant tress with our profits hoping to create a greener world.

Thank you for assisting in making our dream of a plastic-free world a reality!

Our Story

This movement started with one girl inspired to put an end to single use plastics. Looking around us, we are surrounded by so much beauty on this planet, yet the way we treat our planet is not reflected with love & care as it should.

Our Project

Start a movement to reduce plastic waste and encourage people to look into sustainable alternatives. We aim to inspire people to reduce their plastic waste and be more conscious of their choices and how they affect our planet. By using sustainable materials we created a zero waste business with bamboo straws & coconut bowls made from coconut waste. We have teamed up with Trees for the Future and we plant one tree for every bowl sold & one tree for every 10 straws sold!

Our Mission

We believe in living in harmony with nature as much as possible. We fuel our bodies with plants, respect nature and live as eco friendly as possible. We raise awareness towards such causes like the harmful effects of single-use plastics, conscious travel & veganism. We envision a brighter and greener future with more renewable energy sources, biodegradable packaging and a more conscious planet. We believe we must be the change we wish to see in this world, so by standing by our core beliefs and sharing them with you all, we can begin to make positive and lasting change for our planet.